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2016 > 11

I woke up early today and had myself a breakfast with my healthy oatmeal.

I also had a lot of water with my RIPPED HARDCORE.

After my workout I had some more of the stroganoff from before(it was a lot leftovers left in the fridge).

For dinner we had salmon with broccoli, sallad & sauce.
I forgot to take a picture, but that's what we had for dinner.

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Today I was really hungry and I woke up earlier so it was a couple of hours before lunch.

So I had myself an oatmeal breakfast with honey, cinnamon, ginger & coconut milk.

I think I got really hungry because I had an intensive fat burning workout the day before so I had been burning all the day and night.

After my workout I had some leftover stroganoff with a lot of vegetables

For dinner I made pork fillet with my own marinade on it(soya sauce, honey, black pepper, bbq seasoning, garlic powder & vegetable oil).
With my meat I had a sallad & also my own sauce(cream, soya sauce, meat bouillion)

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