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Today it's time for BACK & ABS.

Before my strength training I went out for a jog in my forest trail using a new app that I installed that tracks how long you where running and the speed and much more.

It's called RUNKEEPER and I feel that it's great and it also keeps track on how many calories you've been burning.
Today I burned more than 800calories after all the workouts I've done.

You can even see how many calories you've burn from a strength training workout.

I used only dumbbells today and the highest weight I used was 15kg and the other weight I used was 10kg/hand.

FOr the ab workout I did reverse crunches and regular crunches using my barbell with the weights 16kg.

After my workout I went out for another run using the app again.
My cardio burn was 400calories and the trail was 4,8km(45min including warm up and cooldown)

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