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Time to start working on my CHEST & TRICEP.

I had breakfast before my workout as a preworkout meal.

Before my workout I did a 30min cardio workout to start my fat burning before I started lifting the weights.

I usually do a warm up before my weight lifting, but I want to make my body burn the fat a lot more.
I've noticed that my muscles are growing, but I still have the fat over so I want to focus a lot more on fat burning.

I will combine my workout with HIIT cardio and the weight lifting and also do more intensive cardio on the active rest days with HIIT & some jogging/running.

The highest weight on my dumbbell was 14kg and it was for the exercise TRICEP EXTENSION.
For the other exercises I had 12kg on my dumbbells & 10kg.

I've noticed a huge difference in my strength because I could only lift 5kg on regular tricep extensions in the beginning of this year and now I lift 14kg!!

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