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Today it's back with strength training after two days of active rest with HIIT cardio.

It was LEGS today and I mostly used my barbell with the weights 21kg.
Instead of the leg curls and hamstring exercises I did lunges and side lunges to work on my inner thighs and butt/hamstring/glutes.

I had a pre workout meal before my workout which was oatmeal with cinnamon,stevia & a little bit of butter.

I also had my RIPPED HARDCORE & PWO powder and of course a lot of water.

I've made myself a workout calendar that I printed out so I check which workout I need to do each day and also what I decided to do on the active rest days to keep my workout routine going.

I try to do a short cardio workout after each strength training and a more intesive cardio on the active rest days for some extra fat burning.

The claendar ends the day the 10 week fitness is over.
After that I will see what other workout I can find.
I might look some more strength training & cardio on fitnessblender.

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