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Bicep & ABS

Today it was time to start working out again. Yesterday I wasn't feeling that well so I took a day off, but today I felt strong and even got up earlier than the days before.

My sleeping pattern has been a bit off the last couple of days, but hopefully it starts to take a positive turn now.

I didn't eat anything before my workout. I only drank a lot of water & one cup of coffee.
With it I had my RIPPED HAARDCORE & my PWO.

For my weights I use 16kg & 12kg on my barbell exercises.

Instead of the lying cable crunch I did regular bicep curls(with dumbbells).
For the lying rope crunch I did lying hammer curls on my step-up board using dumbbells.
I used 6 kg on my dumbbells.

For my ab workout I used my barbell for the regular crunches.
For the two other exercises I did cross crunches & leg raises with my barbell & dumbbells.
It gave the effect as the machines in the photo.

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