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Back with healthy food!

This week has been up & down since I've been sick and we had a birthday, which means it has been a lot of sweets and other things like gluten & sugar.

But now I'm back in track with my healthy lifestyle.

For lunch after my workout I had my healthy müsli with walnuts, cinnamon, ginger & a little bit of chili powder.
In the picture there was two wholegrain hardtacks, but it was too much for me to eat so I save them for tomorrow instead.

For dinner I had meat with roasted vegetables & a little bit of BBQ sauce with chipotle.
(I made a recipe for the vegetables, click the picture to read more)

As a little treat on a saturday, I had sugar free chocolate pudding with some fruits.

It tasted just like chocolate pudding and it felt wierd to eat something healthy when it tasted like the opposite.
(click the picture for the recipe)

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