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Not that much left on the 6 week challenge!

Today it was time to work on the CHEST.
It was only 4 exercises, but since it's in a full pyramid style it takes some time to finish each exercise and it really makes the muscles work a lot.

Before my workout I had my preworkout meal, RIPPED HARDCORE & my PWO+a lot of water.

I worked on different weights on my exercises.
I first worked on 12kg per hand since is used my dumbbells.
The other weights I worked with was 10kg, 8kg & 6kg.

After some time my arm muscles got really tired since it's a lot of reps to go through so I had to work on lower weights.
But my chest muscles was really shaking during my last sets.

Since I don't use machines I did some chest exercises with my dumbbells and my step-up board.

I did some chest presses, decline chest presses(using my step up board), chest flys & chest dumbbell pullovers while lying on my step-up board.

After my workout I took a 30min walk since I had to go on a short errand(the post office lol) which was a bit away from where I live, so I got a perfect low intensive cardio.

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