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This is the last week of the 6 week challenge.
When I'm finished I will start with the 10 week challenge since it also has a schedule for what exercises to do on the active rest days.

It's crazy how fast these 6 weeks have been, but it definitely have made a difference in my fitness and strength.

Today I took my RIPPED HARDCORE with water & one cup of black coffee, like I do every day.
30min before my workout I took my PWO.

Todays schedule was LEGS and I used my barbell & one dumbbell.
Since I workout at home I didn't have the machines in the picture, so I work with my barbell and did some exercises that works on the legs.
I did some ski-,regular- & sumo squats and with a dumbbell I did some inner thigh lifts.

The weights I used were 30kg on my barbell & 9kg on my dumbbell.

I've npticed that my musclemass has increased since I start to sweat like crazy without working on high intensive training.
If your muscle mass is increasing it makes you burn more calories even when you are resting.

I also did some ab workout with weights and some bodyweight workout focusing on my arms: arm circles, push-ups & tricep dips.

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