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Today it was another strength training day and on the 6 week schedule it was time to work on my TRICEP muscles.

Like I always do before my workout and how I always begin my mornings, I drank a lot of water and took my RIPPED HARDCORE fatburner.
And also one cup of black coffee.

30minutes before my workout I took my PWO so I would get some extra energy during my workout.

I've noticed how much stronger and bigger my arm muscles are getting thanks to this fitness challenge.

Today my heaviest weight on a dumbbell, while working on triceps, was 16kg and I used this on my TRICEP EXTENSIONS exercise.

For other exercises I used 10kg per arm and 16kg on my barbell while working on the close grip barbell press.

I did some other tricep exercises since I don't have the machines as the pictures, so I have to improvise a bit but I still get the same effect.

Another exercise I also did was a tricep push up on the step-up board.

I really felt tired in my TRICEP muscles after my workout and I can really feel that I will have muscle soreness, but in a good way.

After my strength training I did some bodyweight workout and this time I was working on my abs from an ab workout I found on YOUTUBE.

it was really effective and I felt that my abs was working hard.

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