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Today I was working with weights and today on the 6 week fitness challenge was CHEST.

Still working on with the pyramid style(10,8,6,4).

I used only my dumbbells today instead of my barbell and the weights I used were 12kg, 10kg & 8kg depending on what exercise I was doing.

I workout at home so I don't have the machines that they have at the gym, so I had to improvise to get the same effect.

For the decline press I used a step-up board and put my feet on it which gives the effect as if you're on a declined bench at the gym.
For an incline effect I took away one part of the step-up board and put a hard pillow underneath it so it would tilt a bit.

For the ISO press I only did incline push-ups using my step-up board.

I did some bodyweight workouts after my weightlifting and I worked on my legs.
I did some leg workout yesterday with weights, so I only used my bodyweight today.

I laso had 40min cardio after my workout, which was 10 min walk warm-up with 20min jogging(4km) and 10min cool-down.

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