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Active Rest Day

Yesterday I was working with weights on my SHOULDERS and today, on the fitness schedule, is a rest day.

This means that today I my CARDIO which was jogging in the forest.

I work out on an empty stomach at the moment since my focus right now is to burn the fat on my body.

I start the day with drinking at least 1l of water and with the water I take a RIPPED HARDCORE which is a fat burner that you take before your workout.
It helps your body to start burning more fat.

I take this first thing in the morning since that's when your body is burning fat the most(but make sure that you have been drinking a lot water before since the RIPPED HARDCORE is high in caffeine).
I also take 1 cup of BLACK COFFEE or GREEN TEA.

Then 30 minutes before my workout I take a PWO(Pre workout) mixed with water that helps you get some extra energy.
I take 2 scoops(1 scoop=50mg) with 200ml water.

After 30minutes I go out to do my cardio.
It takes me 10minutes to walk to the trail in my forest so that's my warm-up.
My cardio was 20minutes jogging and the trail was 4km.
I walked for 10minutes after I finished jogging and that was my cool-down.

Total workout time: 45minutes
Trail/Distance: 5km

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