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As I do every morning, I took my RIPPED HARDCORE with water and onw cup of black coffee to start my fatburning.

Then 30minutes before my workout I took my PWO(pre workout).

This day was SHOULDERS on the 6 week fitness challenge and I only used my dumbbells today instead of my barbell.
But I still feel that it gives me the same result.

For most of the workout I used 10kg(22lbs) but for the exercises that works on the weakest parts of my shoulders, I used 6kg(13lbs).

It was pyramid styled workout(10,8,6,4) and I had a 10sec rest between each pyramid rep and 30sec rest between each set.
During each rest I did some JOG IN PLACE to get some CARDIO in.

I finished my workout with some bodyweight THIGH workout(video link is below) and also some ab workout.

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