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Back & Biceps

As I do every morning, I took my RIPPED HARDCORE with water before going for a morning walk.

I was out for about 45minutes and took the same trail in the forest.

The weight training today was BACK & BICEPS and I use the 6 week fitness challenge by the FITNESSDIVA.

30minutes before my workout i took a PWO(Pre workout). 2 scoops with 200ml water.
I also took a protein bar during the last part of my workout for some extra enegry.
(remember that I workout on an empty stomach so I burn the fat)

Today it was 3 sets in a pyramid style(10,8,6,4)

I took 10sec rest between each pyramid rep and 30sec rest between each set.
I wanted to get some cardio in my workout so I did some JOG IN PLACE or BOXER SHUFFLE during each rest.

For my BACK I used 30kg(66lbs) on my barbell) and 12kg(26lbs) on each dumbbell).
While working on my BICEPS I used 6kg(13lbs) on my dumbbells.

Complete workout took me around 70minutes.
I also did some ab workout with weights, 1minute per exercise



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