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Crêpes & Meat

Like I said in the info about my diet, I don't eat breakfast. I only eat lunch and dinner.

I might eat something on the evening, but not later than 8.00 pm.

Anyways, today I had my own crêpes for lunch(click the picture for the recipe) around 30minutes after my workout today which was a cardio workout.
I had the filling that is in this picture.

I try to consume mostly proteins and healthy fats in my diet.

I had my lunch around 1.00 am today.

For dinner we had pork.
The others had potatoes for their meat, but I had a lot of vegetables instead.
CLick the picture for this recipe

I also take during dinner my suppliments and vitamins that I need.

I take D-vitamins since it's getting a lot darker now and there isn't much sunlight outside.

Great for hair and skin and a lot more

Since I work out a lot I need to get more magnesium

Crêpes with some honey+peanut butter and 2 slices of gluten free bread with air dried ham & butter.
I had one cup of chai tea with my meal.

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