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Julia Graf Drawing

This is another drawing of a makeup guru on youtube!

I've been subscribed to her channel a couple of years now and she's such an inspiration in many different ways from her makeup tutorials to her weightloss journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

Always watching her videos makes me so happy and motivated and watching her fitness videos made me loose almost around 100lbs just by working out and eating healthy.

I made a drawing of Julia a couple of years ago but at that time I didn't have a good camera to record with and the video was around 15min long.

This time I have developed a lot more when it comes to drawing and I also have better camera equipment.
I wanted to make an update after the last drawing I made of her and this is one of my favorite makeups that she has done(the one with the butterflies).

It's sooo colorful so that's why I chose this picture and it's also one her own favorite makeups that she has done

Julia saw my drawing I made of her and posted it on her Facebook-page and her Instagram!!!! :-D
She even mentions it in one of her videos and even shows it in that video!!! :-D
She mentioned and showed it at 11:20 in her video!!! :-D

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